Nyobium Games

High-quality 3D printed miniatures for your next RPG or Wargame

The beginnings

I love Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and role-playing games in general. Printing and painting fantasy and scifi miniatures is one of my hobbies. In the last few years, with the latest technology, artists are able to create incredible miniatures with a lot of variety. I am passionate about bringing you these new designs so that you can enjoy the painting process.

I started Nyobium Games LLC because I wanted to improve the way RPG miniatures are printed and shipped. I print high-quality D&D minis in one piece, so that you can skip gluing, and go straight to the painting.

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What I offer

  1. Quality! Best quality print today’s technology can offer
  2. Detailed designs that will stand out at your next tabletop game
  3. Fully assembled minis = no more glue! Though some large figures may need some assembly (dragons!)
  4. Fast custom-made production. I want you to get your minis as soon as possible